D.K. Brantley

Just who is this guy?

D.K. Brantley is a writer of poems, short stories, news pieces, middle-grade books, and picture books. His books are typically sweet and a bit quirky—like him.

As to what makes a good story, D.K. says, “Good stories contain truth and humanity. They have something people can relate to.”

This can be seen in every book he’s written, from his middle-grade stories that tackle hard topics like divorce, financial trouble, and childhood cancer to his picture books that celebrate mothers, remind kids they’re pretty great, and help little ones deal with their anger

When he is not writing books, he’s busy playing music (ukulele, drums, guitar, bass, and mandolin), reading, fishing for crappie and sunfish, and working with his wife (Jessica) who also writes and edits. They live together in Cleveland, Tennessee, with their daughters, Esther and Leah,  and half a dozen chickens (who remain nameless).