From the dawn of time, mothers  have had special relationships with their children. And for many young readers, that relationship is captured perfectly in a picture book.

So I decided to write one myself.

Why? Aren’t there enough great books about moms and kids? Do little boys and little girls really need another sweet story that causes them to lunge at their mothers for hugs and kisses? Even if it’s a colorful book, a tender book for the littlest readers?

Whoa, there! You don’t have to tell me about how crazy I am. I realize Are You My Mother?, Llama Llama Misses Mamaand a million other books talk about this special relationship. I also realize you can grab a copy with nothing more than a library card. (A quick peek at “88+ Meaningful Children’s Books About Moms” makes that clear.)

But does that mean I shouldn’t have written Every Mummy Has a Mommy? I sure hope not. Because while there are plenty of sweet stories out there, from board books to full-blown novels, none of them has the flare of classic movie monsters.

Human Mamas Need Not Fear

So yes, this is a book about young children and their affection for their mothers. But it’s more than that. It’s the perfect book for fans of monsters. More specifically, parents who want vibrant illustrations of child-friendly monsters!

Don’t worry though. Every Mummy Has a Mommy won’t scare your little ones. It will, however, make your little boy and little girl want to give you countless hugs and kisses. So if you’re not interested in such things, keep your distance from this picture book.

Want all the snuggles your little one will give? Then grab this book!

Gift Book for Halloween & Beyond

Different and fun, Every Mummy Has a Mommy is the perfect gift for the mom who has everything. Especially for those mommies who love Halloween and dressing up their little people, but don’t want their tiny teeth to rot out from candy.

Actually, you could do all the parents in your neighborhood a favor by grabbing two dozen copies and handing this book out to trick-or-treaters. They’ll love that you gave them a sweet book that fits the season, and they’ll appreciate that it puts important things first: MOMMY!

Have adopted children? Adopted children are such a gift! This picture book is meant to celebrate all loving families and make story time extra fun for everyone. 

Still need another reason to put Every Mummy Has a Mommy on your book list? Readers’ Favorite gave the book a five-star rating. In case you’re wondering, that’s as good as it gets. To see what they had to say, you can read their complete review below. True story! So look below to see why a small picture book about the classic tale of the special bond between mother and child is becoming a favorite book among mothers and little ones alike.

5-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite 

This unique, appealing children’s book describes how important mothers are to all children—from mummy children to vampire, sea creature, and werewolf children. There are times when every child needs a comforting word or kiss, or a hug when frightened. While fathers are also acknowledged, the book’s focus is on the special relationship with everyone’s mommy. Author D. K. Brantley has written delightful rhyming verse in Every Mummy Has a Mommy. This modern-day version also includes a free mp3 where the author sings the words in the book. What fun this will be for children to hear!

The story’s illustrations by Rodrigo Paulo are beautifully drawn and will further stimulate a child’s imagination. A child can spend long periods of time studying each page, full of detailed and intriguing pictures. Among the mummies and other fanciful creatures, there is a little boy [child of Frankenstein’s monster & the Bride of Frankenstein] who receives his mother’s kisses every morning. This reiterates the fact that all species, including humans, benefit from a mother’s love. The rhyming verses will also appeal to young children, and parents will enjoy reading this book to them. Parents can use this book to discuss the gifts of family relationships and how people, animals, and other creatures show love to each other. Every Mummy Has a Mommy, crafted by D. K. Brantley, is a story that children will want to hear over and over again—either being read by a parent or listening to the recording. A wonderful addition to a child’s library!

P.S. I realize it may sound like this book neglects another important family member (a.k.a. Dad), but take heart! This adorable book gives Dad his due, making sure the littlest readers don’t neglect Daddy-o.