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So I decided to Google myself the other day. If you’ve not done it, it is a superb exercise in narcissism. Of course, it’s not just the ego-driven person who does it. It should be done by anyone who will one day want a job. Your future employer is going to do it, so you may as well beat them to the punch.

The real reason I Googled myself was to see if there were sites I was unaware of selling and reviewing my book. Lo and behold, I stumbled across a review that made my book sound better than I ever could.

The review went a little something like this:

This is an AWESOME BOOK! It was definitely worth buying it and was great way to spend a few minutes of every day! If I could rate this book from 1-10, it would be a no-brainer! (10) You should buy this book! I cannot wait for the next one! Awesome author, awesome book, awesome plot… You get the picture. You will never regret buying this and when you finish it you will probably say “PURE AWESOMENESS”. What are you waiting for?! IN the time it took you to read this review you could have already bought it! No more words needed to describe it…simply a brilliant, great, and awesome book by DK Brantley!

Very kind words from down under.

For the original review, click here.