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7th grader Dylan Duncan

In D.K. Brantley’s first book, I’m 12 Years Old And I Saved The World (Sir Brody Books, $5.99), Adam Shannon Dakota Carr had to save his parents’ marriage by helping them fall in love again. In the follow-up book, I’m 13 Years Old And I Changed The World, Adam faces a deadly foe: cancer. And it’s attacking his best friend, Big Mike.

In the real world, rising seventh grade student Dylan Duncan is battling cancer. A student at Tennessee Christian Preparatory School in Cleveland, Tennessee, Dylan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in May 2016. His mother, Becky Duncan, has since taken leave from work to care for Dylan, which has meant an immediate and drastic drop in family income.

“We’ve known the Duncan family for years,” Daniel said. “They’re very sweet people who are in a situation I can’t imagine. As soon as I heard about Dylan, I felt I had to do something to help.”

The way Daniel decided to help is by giving the Duncan family the first few months’ profit of his book sales. Until the end of 2016, all profit from every book Daniel sells—including his older works—will go to the Duncan family.

Vernon Duncan, Dylan’s father, told Daniel he hopes others will heed the lesson of the Duncans’ story. Initially, physicians412hwm2z5jl diagnosed Dylan with severe growing pains. However, the Duncans felt something bigger was going on in Dylan’s body. So they sought additional testing, which led to Dylan’s diagnosis.

“Parents need to follow their God-given instincts and not rely solely on medical professionals, because sometimes they get it wrong,” Vernon said. “The surgeon at Vanderbilt said she had never seen this type of cancer caught this early before, and the oncologist told us that if we’d relied on the first specialist, Dylan’s cancer would have spread within six months and we may have gotten a much different outcome!”

You can now pre-order D.K. Brantley’s new book, I’m 13 Years Old And I Saved The World (Sir Brody Books, $6.99), at Prefer to help the Duncans without purchasing a book? Visit to make a gift of any amount.

And don’t forget to leave a review once you read it. That will help more folks find the book and buy it, leading to more money for the Duncans!