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logo-scbwiA year or two ago, my friend Lurlene McDaniel had a suggestion: join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, “The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children’s literature.” Well, it took more time than necessary, but I finally did it. And I’m thrilled! What am I thrilled about? That is yet to be determined, as I’m only just starting to figure out what resources they offer a li’l writer like myself. But once I get my head around the overwhelming amount of resources available, I’m sure I will write better than ever.

Speaking of writing, I’ve got some exciting news for those who read I’m 12 Years Old And I Saved The World and are curious about what happens to Big Mike. The next book is finished and Mike’s fate is sealed! (Note: Don’t assume because I say his fate is sealed that he meets a bad fate. Good fates get sealed also.)

Anyway, it took quite a while to get the book finished. Were it not for my wife’s suggestions and edits and thoughtful comments from my friend Jonathan Cavett, the book would be nowhere as great as it is. That is to say it is pretty doggone great. Better than the first? Methinks yes.

And without further ado, I give the title of the book: I’m 13 Years Old And I Changed The World.

It seems so obvious, but somehow it wasn’t. After spending the better part of a year with some rather miserable title ideas, I went to my wife for help. Within the span of 15 minutes, she had the winning title. When she said it, I was a bit ashamed. The title was staring me in the face and I just wouldn’t give it the time of day. Another reason I love that lady.

The book cover is currently being designed and should be ready for your consumption by mid-September, so stay tuned!