I’m 13 Years Old And I Changed The World



Mom still won’t let me cut my hair. I still share a bedroom with Grandpa. And my cell phone is still stuck in the Stone Age.

But I’ve got a serious problem now. Big Mike has cancer, and I’ve got to step in and do what science hasn’t yet done. I’ve got to find a cure.

That’s right—I’m 13 years old, and I’m about to change the world.

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I’m 12 Years Old And I Saved The World


I’m Adam—Adam Shannon Dakota Carr.

Yeah, it’s a terrible name. But it gets worse. I’ve got a super lame cell phone and Mom won’t let me cut my hair. As if things aren’t bad enough, Dad loses his job and Mom and Dad’s marriage is on the rocks. Now it’s up to me to fix everything.

That’s right—I’m 12 years old, and I’m about to save the world.

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The First Six: A collection of six rather short stories


The First Six gives the fiction behind the fact of six firsts: the first nighttime baseball game, street food vendor, escalator, female execution, creedless church, and statue made in honor of an insect.

But it’s not the facts that stand out. (They should never get in the way of a good story anyway—right?) What is memorable is the fiction surrounding The First Six facts.

Why subtitle the book “A collection of six rather short stories”? Because all six of them don’t even manage to hit the 6,000-word mark. Small but powerful. That, unlike the stories, is not a first.

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